Juvenile Matters/Teen Offenders

In the United States nearly two million juveniles are arrested each year for crimes ranging from property damage to drug abuse. Juveniles, those under the age of 18, are not tried in the same method or in the same courts as adult offenders to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

When juveniles are involved, the goal of the Courts is to provide rehabilitation rather than punishment. Work programs or therapy will be suggested as an alternative to detention centers. After rehabilitation, the Courts will often seal or expunge the youth’s record so the child can have a clean slate. It is the goal of Rotolo Karch Law to ensure that mistakes from a person’s youth do not generally follow that youth into his/her adult life.

Rotolo Karch Law understands that a juvenile is not a criminal; a juvenile is a young person that has possibly made a mistake or used wrong judgment in a given situation. A juvenile is someone who deserves the chance to continue to grow without the mistakes from the past hindering progress in the community when he/she becomes an adult.

As a former police officer in Elizabeth, NJ, Victor Rotolo is fully familiar with police practices.  As an experienced criminal attorney, Victor Rotolo is an advocate in the court room.  This combination of skills and experiences enables Victor Rotolo to obtain results for his clients.

Rotolo Karch Law will provide a young person with representation to make certain the young person has a fair trial and that the appropriate rehabilitation is received. Call Rotolo Karch Law to discuss your situation today.

Please Note: Effective January 2013, Hunterdon County has instituted a new "Early Intervention Program for Young Offenders." Please see our blog article for more information.

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