Drug Offenses

The number of cases handled by the juvenile courts involving juvenile drug offenses has more than doubled between 1991 and 2004. A juvenile crime may be the same as an adult crime, but the resolution and penalties for juveniles are much different than those handed down for adults.

A juvenile drug offense can be devastating to the juvenile and all those connected to the juvenile. Such an offense can wreak havoc on a family and can negatively impact the future life of a young person. Oftentimes the juvenile is unaware of the magnitude of their offense or the implications that can result. It is imperative that the matter be handled by an experienced attorney who is well versed in juvenile law and fully familiar with the juvenile system. Victor Rotolo is a strong advocate for the juvenile offender and adamantly believes that a juvenile is deserving of a second chance.

Unlike criminal court for adults, the juvenile courts have wide discretion on handling and sentencing juveniles. There is opportunity to help a juvenile and intervene at this stage in their life to prevent future drug-related issues and crimes and prevent the juvenile from embarking on a negative path in life.

Victor Rotolo will strive to protect your child from an aggressive juvenile system while also seeking to obtain the intervention and treatment a juvenile may need. In certain circumstances, charges may be dropped or reduced in exchange for counseling, rehabilitation programs or other programs that can help a teen with drug issues.

As a former police office and now as an attorney, Mr. Rotolo works to protect the rights of his clients. Call Rotolo Karch Law today to obtain defense and guidance in protecting the rights of your teen and help put him or her on a positive path in life.

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