Our laws are constantly changing to keep up with our evolving society. Laws that were in place yesterday may not apply to advances we make tomorrow. In order to help you keep current on federal, State and local laws and how they may apply to you, our Firm publishes two blogs – the Personal Injury Blog and the Family Law Blog – highlighting the recent changes and current events that affect our laws. 

Personal Injury Law is a broad topic covering such areas as motor vehicle accidents and the factors that may cause them; construction accidents and workplace mishaps; defective products and their recalls; nursing home injuries and how to protect loved ones from elder abuse; slip-and-fall accidents; burn injuries; and other events that could result in injury due to the carelessness or recklessness of another individual or, in some cases, a business. 

At other times, our Personal Injury Blog will focus on stories about current lawsuits and their outcomes explaining how courts look at responsibilities and how certain specifics of the law, such as statutes of limitation, can affect the courts’ final decisions. 

DUI / DWI / and Distracted Driving  

Some weeks our Personal Injury Blog post serves as a reminder to avoid reckless behaviors, such as drinking and driving or distracted driving. We bring your attention to stories about local law enforcement agencies’ periodic efforts to crack down on these behaviors, as well as statistics on the rate of fatal car accidents and the factors contributing to them. Our blogs will also cover motor vehicle defects and how they can contribute to your risk of an accident. 

Product Recalls  

Rotolo Karch Law also reports on recalls of other common household products such as cell phones, automobiles, and baby and child products including car seats, highchairs, cribs, bike helmets, and even baby powder to alert you to their potential dangers. 

Family Law is another expansive area of law that encompasses many aspects of personal relationships including divorce, child custody, property distribution, and prenuptial agreements. Sometimes in these relationships problems arise that are beyond our capacity to resolve on our own. That’s when you need experienced and knowledgeable counsel to help guide you to a resolution that is fair and protects your interests. 


Family Law issues can be highly emotional. These emotions can cloud our judgment and cause us to overlook important matters that can adversely affect us later. This is particularly true with divorce. Couples focused on ending their marital relationship may miss an important financial matter that can prove costly in the long run. Our Family Law Blog has covered such topics as financial mistakes to avoid when divorcing, how divorce affects spousal Social Security benefits, why it matters who files for divorce first, and how divorce can affect your tax filing status. While these issues may not be first in your mind as you go through your divorce proceedings, they can make a difference in your financial well-being following your divorce.  

Child Custody and Visitation 

While divorce puts an end to marital relationship between husband and wife, it does not put an end to other family relationships, specifically the parent-child relationship. In New Jersey, the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ is a principle applied to most issues dealing with children of divorce. This principle can influence court decisions involving child custody and visitation and even grandparents’ rights. Our Family Law Blog often illustrates how this principle applies in such matters as: how co-parenting arrangements work; what unique considerations need to be given to special needs children of divorce; how your approach to your divorce can affect your parenting partnership; what custody issues are unique to non-traditional families; and what the consequences are for neglecting the terms of your child custody agreement. 

Family Law Reform in New Jersey 

In recent years, New Jersey has seen many changes in the area of Family Law, most notably alimony reform and the passage of the Marriage Equality Bill. Our Family Law Blog covers such changes extensively with the goal of keeping readers informed of both the changes and their aftermaths.  

Our Personal Injury Blog and Family Law Blog are intended to both inform and broaden the readers understanding of nuances and revisions of current laws. They are in no way intended as legal advice. Every situation is unique and you should consult with an attorney qualified in the appropriate area of law about the specifics of your individual case.  

The Personal Injury Blog and Family Law Blog are provided as a public service by Rotolo Karch Law. While the articles contained within these blogs focus on legal issues pertinent to Personal Injury and Family Law matters, they are not intended as legal advice or representation. Although we take every step to provide current and truthful information, the constantly changing nature of law and our dependence upon outside sources preclude us from offering any guarantee or warranty on the reliability or accuracy of the information presented. New Jersey Injury Lawyers BlogNew Jersey Family Law Blog
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