Employment Law

Employment law governs how employers treat employees, both current employees as well as past employees, and anyone applying for employment as well. These laws include all aspects of the employment relationship except the area of collective bargaining and negotiation; this area comes under the area of Labor Law.

Employment law encompasses areas such as pension plans, retirement, occupational safety and health regulations, affirmative action, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Some Employment Law examples would be:

  • Review employee documentation and policy statements.
  • Assist with the resolution of issues involving disputes about wages and hours worked.
  • Represent employers before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and New Jersey human rights agencies.
  • Advise on situations involving the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) elections, campaign assistance, unfair labor practices, etc.
  • Represent employers before the New Jersey State labor agencies.
  • Provide representation in hearings covered by collective bargaining agreements on behalf of clients, i.e., grievance and arbitration.
  • Provide council on employer/employee disputes such as strikes or lockouts.

The experienced employment lawyers at Rotolo Karch Law can help protect your employment rights by providing intervention and, if necessary, litigation support. If you have any questions concerning your rights within the workplace, contact the lawyers at Rotolo Karch Law.

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