Accusations of Child Abuse

It is not uncommon to hear about child abuse or a sex offense involving a child on the New Jersey evening news or to read about it on these days. Never in your wildest imagination did you ever think that you could be accused of child abuse or a sexual offense against a child. Unfortunately, here you are now, searching desperately for an attorney to assist you because you have been accused of just that – an offense against a child.

Being accused of child abuse or a sexual offense involving a child is a serious allegation. You need swift and effective legal assistance before the situation spirals completely out of control. As a former police officer and an experienced trial attorney, Victor Rotolo, Steven Karch and the Firm's attorneys at Rotolo Karch Law have the experience to protect your rights.  

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Few situations impact the quality of an individual’s life as much as being accused of a sexual offense against a child or child abuse. The accusation is serious.

In these changing times, a conversation on the Internet with someone that you ‘thought’ was much older can be viewed as Internet luring and hence punishable as a sex crime against a child.  You could also be in a bitter divorce or custody dispute where false allegations are made to gain the upper hand in negotiations.

Additionally, the interpretation of child’s description of events may be misunderstood or relayed falsely.  Even though a child may later withdraw the accusations, so much damage can be inflicted – marriages broken, jobs lost, but mostly and more importantly your reputation could be tarnished beyond repair and the community trust in you as a person destroyed.

There are additional situations that are becoming more and more common these days because of diverse family arrangements. These situations involve inter-familial child sexual abuse and it includes allegations against relatives such an uncle or aunt, a grandmother / grandfather, stepparents and step siblings or even among brothers and sisters.

No group is exempt from these situations: neighbors, clergy, teachers, youth organization leaders, etc. Quite often situations can be misinterpreted especially involving relationships such as an employer/employee relationship, a juvenile correctional facility guard and an inmate, a doctor / patient., etc.

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