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When it comes to quality of life, the most discerning individual would be hard-pressed to make a better selection for a place to plant roots than Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Located in the western portion of central New Jersey, Hunterdon County’s approximately 430 square miles, once primarily rural, have transitioned to a thriving suburban area while preserving and cultivating the scenic beauty of its abundant parkland, wildlife and historical treasures. Residents are truly recipients of the best of both worlds – close proximity to New York City and the peace and quiet of glorious countryside. Evidence of this appeal is attested to by Hunterdon County’s ranking as the fourth wealthiest county in the nation and the wealthiest county in New Jersey.

It is no surprise that many families have chosen Hunterdon County to be the place they call home. In fact, a project of Advocates for Children of New Jersey reveals Hunterdon County as the top county for “overall child well-being.” Additionally, Hunterdon County has been named by Forbes as one of the country’s ten best counties to raise a family. Attracting the best and the brightest are school systems that are highly esteemed, with 52% of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Opportunities abound for professional success while affording ready access to recreational and cultural fulfillment, providing a life balance frequently sought yet rarely achieved.

Despite the family-centric dynamic present in Hunterdon County, inevitably occasions will arise for the less pleasant aspects families encounter. Marital disputes occur in all walks of life and no one is immune, no matter their social, professional or financial status. The costs, emotional and financial, take a toll and it is at these times that Victor Rotolo and the experienced team of attorneys he has assembled at Rotolo Karch Law will provide the counsel required in this most personal of matters.

One of the most personal legal situations you are likely to face is a divorce proceeding and partners, Victor Rotolo and Steven Karch will assist you through the serious issues inherent in such matters. Victor and Steven will advocate on your behalf without resorting to the excessive litigation that frequently results in escalation of the contention that is all too often associated with divorce cases.

Victor Rotolo and Steven Karch are also advocates with legal experience in marital disputes – issues such as alimony and asset allocation – not to mention those that affect your children – child custody, child visitation, child support and co-parenting.

When facing the heart-wrenching dissolution of your family, the last thing anyone wants to consider are those aspects of a financial nature. Yet these factors are of the utmost importance and, if not appropriately addressed, can result in the loss of significant portions of your possessions and savings, even threatening your future ability to provide for yourself. Adept at conducting soul-crushing and contentious matters with sensitivity, the Rotolo Karch Law attorneys simultaneously succeed in protecting both your best interests with a view towards achieving equitable distribution and preserving your relationship with your children.

Formerly a police officer, Victor Rotolo attained his degree in law and with the formation of The Rotolo Law Firm, now Rotolo Karch Law, he continues to serve his clients and protect their rights through the trials and tribulations in the legal arena. Victor is an attorney certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Civil Trial Attorney. Steven is a certified Family Law Mediator.

When the issues at hand impact your family and lifestyle, experienced legal representation is crucial.

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